The CitizenCampus programme is based on an unparalleled pedagogy, which brings together the worlds of economics, politics, science, associations, culture and the media
and allows students to juggle with theoretical knowledge and real-life conditions through workshops. Initially designed for leaders of the national training cycle of the Institut des Hautes études pour la science et la technologie (IHEST), this method is now being implemented for the first time with a group of students.

An interdisciplinary theme

With the theme of the year, students can experiment in a very concrete way the exploration and learning of individual and collective questioning processes. Following this thread, they meet and interview the programme’s speakers who will illustrate and unsettle certainties, whether they are researchers, association representatives, journalists, CEOs, politicians or just witnesses.

The dynamics

Collective and individual working exercises follow one another in multiple places, where several approaches, discourses and points of view intertwine and are compared. Through this real process of investigation, students’ opinions evolve, their analyses gain precision, their positions change, but their progression builds a strong group dynamic.

Towards the end of the course, groups publicly present their work and findings in order to share the issues, questions and doubts that they have raised on one of the facets of the theme.