Every year, CitizenCampus offers to about forty students from all fields of study, the unique opportunity to come together and join the public debate on major scientific issues in society, based on a living lab environment. Designed based on a dynamic approach, this experimental programme takes its inspiration from a scientific approach, scientific reasoning and curiosity.
How can we enable citizens to truly participate in debates on research issues? How can we teach them how to formulate questions that will influence political decisions?

These are the ambitions of the CitizenCampus course, a programme created by the Université Grenoble Alpes for its students, the citizens of tomorrow.

Each year, students from different fields and levels of study will focus on a selected theme and will assimilate these decisive issues for the future, through questioning and public debate processes.

The selected theme for the year 2018/19 is: “Science, Technology, Society: Who Controls Progress?